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Ministik School Code of Conduct

As a school, we promote the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being of ourselves, our students, and our community. Based in the values of the Seven Grandfather Teachings (wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, truth), we inspire our children to reach their potential by ensuring a strong foundation for their life-long learning.

All members of our Moose Factory Ministik School community will feel welcomed, respected and valued because we treat each other with kindness. We are a collaborative community school where our children are proud of their achievements and their unique identity and culture.

Students, staff, parents, guardians, guests, and community members will feel safe, and will be safe, while engaging in daily interactions, resolving conflicts, and participating in learning opportunities. As members of our school community, we will take responsibility for our own actions and we will contribute to a positive and kind school climate.

Reference Documents:
MFIDSAB Policy GOV-08 Learning Environment Safe Schools
MFIDSAB Policy GOV-09 Safe Schools Board Code of Conduct
Procedure No. 368 Student Discipline and Supervision
MFIDSAB Procedure No. 376 Progressive Discipline
MFIDSAB Procedure No. 377 Student Discipline Bullying
MFIDSAB Procedure No. 378 Student Suspension
MFIDSAB Procedure No. 379 Student Expulsion