Moose Factory Island District School Area Board

MFIDSAB Governance Policies

MFIDSAB Administrative Policies & Procedures

Moose Factory Island District School Area Board

P.O. Box 160

Moose Factory, ON P0L 1W0

telephone: 705-658-4571

fax: 705-658-4768

MFIDSAB-Regular Board Meeting Schedule _ Schl Yr. 2022-23-APPROVED

Notice Regular Mtg – 13 Sept 2022

Chair of the Board of Trustees Marilyn McLeod
Vice-chair of the Board of Trustees Harold Gunner
Trustees Gail Tomatuk

Gary Innes (MCFN)

Irene Tomatuk (MCFN)

Supervisory Officer Gord Daniels
Business Administrator & Treasurer Nathan Beck
Board Clerk Kevin Smith
Payroll & Administrative Assistant Ashwini Chakravarthy

Key Priorities
1. Achievement of Our Students
2. Positive and Respectful Learning & Working 
3. Community Engagement & Pride


  1. Finance & Negotiation Committee
  • Harold Gunner
  1. Policy Review & Development Committee
  • Gail Tomatuk & Marilyn McLeod
  1. Housing Committee
  • Gary Innes
  1. Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Harold Gunner
  1. Indigenous Education Advisory Committee
  • Marilyn McLeod & Gary Innes

 Moose Factory Ministik School Educators & School Staff