Active forms of travel (ie. walking, biking) and the use of private transportation by parents and families are strongly encouraged.

Important Times:

Morning Supervision & Student Arrivals @ 8:45am-9am *Tuesday to Friday

(Monday supervision & student arrivals @ 9:25am-9:40am)

Lunch Dismissal @ 11:55am-12:05pm *daily

Afternoon Supervision & Student Arrivals @ 12:45pm-1pm *daily

Afternoon Dismissal @ 3pm-3:10pm *Monday to Thursday

(Friday dismissal @ 2:20pm-2:30pm)

Parent Loop:


Ministik School Drop-off and Pick-up Procedure:

—Parents & Caregivers will use the “parent loop” only for arrival and dismissal times

—- Our Parent Loop is ONE WAY ONLY!

——parents pull to the right (school side) and remain in their vehicles while children are dropped off or picked up

—– Please be aware of children, adults and other vehicles in the area, drive carefully, and read the signs!—–

The Parent Loop is supervised for entry and dismissal. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children for drop-offs or pick-ups during instructional times. Please continue to use the parent loop in those circumstances.

*Kindness, Honesty, Sharing and Strength are Cree values we strive for each day – we very much appreciate your cooperation and kindness as we work each day to keep our children safe. If you are unhappy or unfamiliar with the drop-off and pick-up process, please do NOT take it out our education staff. You may direct your concerns to the school principal or contact the school board office. Meegwetch.

Bus Transportation:

Student Transportation (MFIDSAB & MCEA) 


Active forms of travel (ie. walking, biking) and the use of private transportation by parents and families are strongly encouraged.

Bus transportation will be provided by request only. Parents and Caregivers are required to sign up for bus service using our

 Bus Service Request Questionnaire

MCEA: Eligibility: Kindergarten to grade 6 students residing on-reserve;  

Questions/concerns? Contact 705-658-4726 Ext 251 Cell: 705-698-7846

MFIDSAB: Eligibility: Kindergarten to grade 2 students residing off-reserve; 

Questions/concerns? Contact Ministik School 705-658-4535 


If you will be picking up your child who is on a bus list, please be sure to call the school at least 30 minutes prior to the listed departure times!!

Bus Cancellations:

If buses are cancelled, a post will be shared as soon as possible (usually before 8 am) on our school Facebook page:  Moose Factory Ministik School

In the event of a bus cancellation, the school will remain OPEN to staff and students.

However, Parents & Caregivers are encouraged to use their parental discretion when making the decision to keep your children home or send them to school.

If you choose to send your kids to school, be sure to make transportation arrangements for your child(ren) to return home at the end of the school day.