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MFIDSAB Memo to Community: Ministik School Resumes In School Learning March 2022

Ministik School Community Back to School Plan 2021-2022 revised March 21, 2022

Ministik Educators Reporting to Work Plan 2021-2022 *revised March 21, 2022

Our Moose Factory Ministik School Year Calendar 2022-2023 has been approved by the Moose Factory Island District School Area Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education.

Our Moose Factory Ministik School Year Calendar 2021-2022 has been approved by the Moose Factory Island District School Area Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education.

  • Further guidance from the Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Education, Public Health, local leadership, and the local Pandemic Emergency Operations Team will inform our next steps.
  • Updates for our school community will be shared via parent & caregiver email list, this website, our school’s Facebook page, and postings on community bulletin boards.
  • We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate to keep our school community safe.

Student Registration: A paper copy of our  MFIDSAB Student Registration & Information Form is required for each student enrolled at Moose Factory Ministik School for the 2021-2022 School Year. 

Parents of New Students are also required to provide copies of the following documents to complete their child’s registration:

Student Transportation (MFIDSAB & MCEA) 


Active forms of travel (ie. walking, biking) and the use of private transportation by parents and families are strongly encouraged.

Bus transportation will be provided by request only. Parents and Caregivers are required to sign up for bus service using the Bus Service Request Form


Eligibility: Kindergarten to grade 6 students residing on-reserve;  

Questions/concerns? Contact Heather.Moore@mcea.ca 705-658-4726 Ext 251 Cell: 705-698-7846


Eligibility: Kindergarten to grade 2 students residing off-reserve; 

Questions/concerns? Contact Ministik School jknight.blackned@mfidsab.ca 705-658-4535 

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MFIDSAB-Notice to Community_Ministik School (Lunch & Bussing)- 17 Sept 2021

Information Requests – Settlement for Indian Day School Students

COVID-19 Protocol Compliance Documents

101 – Ventilation Report Sept 2021

School Board Implementation Resource – Updated September 1, 2021

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