First Day of School ~ Wednesday August 23, 2017

We are so excited to welcome our students back to school!

Please be advised:

  • our start time is 8:40 am – please make sure your child arrives at school between 8:30 and 8:40 – student drop-off is at the garage side of the school
  • Students are to bring their morning and afternoon meals to school each day – Due to increased safety concerns and too frequent interruptions to instructional time, we will no longer be accepting student lunches at the office – if children are hungry or do not have enough to eat, snacks and sandwiches will be available. If you wish to bring your lunch and eat with your child, please be sure to sign in a the school office!
  • Student dismissal is 3:00 pm – student pick-up is at the garage side of the school

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher for further information!

We will be publishing our *new* Student Handbook, in both hard copy and digital, in the very near future… stay tuned!!!