Welcome Back!

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Start-Up Information

Wachay! Welcome Back to School!!


*Student Information & Registration Form* all students (new & returning) must complete one of these forms with up-to-date information ~ save time in August and hand yours in today!

*Severe Allergies *all students with a severe, life-threatening, anaphylactic allergies must complete an Extreme Allergy Management and Prevention Form annually!

*School Supplies* all items should be brought in a back pack and all personal items should be labelled with your child’s name!

Students should bring the following items to school daily:

  • pencils, erasers, glue stick, scissors, colouring pencils, ruler – in a pencil case

  • indoor shoes (running shoes for gym)

  • lunch bag: we have a balanced day with two nutrition breaks daily – please pack two snacks/small lunches in two separate bags or use a divider in one larger lunch bag

  • a growth mindset

  • a smile and willingness to your best

*Ministik School Code of Conduct* all members of our school community (students, teachers, staff and parents) must follow our school’s code of conduct – please read the CODE and be prepared to follow it everyday!

Ministik School Code of Conduct

*Daily School Attendance*  regular attendance is critical for students to achieve success in school!

  • school starts at 8:40 am daily – please arrive on time!

  • drop-off and pick-up areas are located on the north east side of the school, near the maintenance garage

  • if your child is ill, please be sure to call the school and let us know 

Importance of School Attendance

*Ministik School Handbook*…coming soon…

***New Student Registration***

Please visit our school office from 9am to 3pm with:

  • your child’s birth certificate (or alternative id),

  • status card (if applicable),

  • health card #,

  • immunization record,

  • and copy of most recent report card

Moose Factory Ministik School